Data Analytics

InHouseUSA has built a resourceful database from our appraisal data, which allows the management, organization and creation of a full suite of reports and offers data analytics services. In order to respond to the specific business needs of our clients, we also develop ad-hoc reports.

We currently provide:

  • Appraisal data feeds directly to our clients on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis
  • Monthly, quarterly or weekly reports based on each client's specific volume, appraiser performance - fully automated and fully customized appraisal scorecard with quality ratings, turnaround times, fees, quality issues, and escalations.
  • A market trending report and analysis that is client neutral and national in scope to uncover opportunities for improvements in services and service delivery processes.


"InHouseUSA provides a full suite of reporting services. For our clients we believe it is important to report on; volume, appraiser performance (scorecard with quality ratings), turnaround times, fees, quality issues, and escalations.InHouseUSA provides a quarterly market trending report that is client neutral and national in scope, and can also provide monthly and quarterly customized reporting based on client needs, and ad-hoc reports."