Appraisal Review

National Coverage - Appraiser Performance and Satisfaction  -  Risk and Collateral Management  -  Compliance

The InHouseUSA Solutions platform was the first to introduce automated load balancing when selecting appraisers for an assignment. The system reviews comprehensive business rules determined by either InHouseUSA Solutions or the client which include approved appraisers, appraiser ranking, regional coverage, quality, service and appraiser capacity; prior to assigning an appraiser. The InHouseUSA Solutions system allows an even and efficient distribution of assignments to appraisers and also mitigates the risk of potential collusion between client and appraisers. As needed, InHouseUSA Solutions can also direct work to specific approved appraisers.

Quality Control and Review is done through a manual and automated internal process.

The InHouseUSA proprietary software (Viewpoint) identifies potential risks contained within an appraisal report by highlighting any anomalies and potential risks. Scoring rules can be customized to meet specific client requirements.

To assist with the development of scoring rules, InHouseUSA has identified over 200 elements which an institution can implement rules. For example, business rules can be created for the location of comparables to the subject property, overall square footage of the dwelling, large or usual adjustments contained within the appraisal report, leaky basement, dated sales, etc.

Customers can select an automated and or manual review of Appraisals and customize the checklists accordingly. All InHouseUSA review appraisers are state certified and maintain their licenses in their respective states. InHouseUSA maintains a network of review appraisers from coast to coast to maintain the highest level of market knowledge.

National Coverage - Appraiser Performance and Satisfaction

InHouseUSA operates in all 50 states and our parent company and platform operates in over 18 countries.The InHouseUSA recruitment strategy is focused on building a mutually beneficial and strong relationship with qualifying appraisers in every market. InHouseUSA is owned and operated by an appraiser and the strength of our national coverage is at the core of our value proposition. InHouseUSA adapts to state legislation, regulation and geographic differences in order to stay competitive in every market. We take pride in having a superior network of experienced and qualified appraisers with local market knowledge and our technology ensures that appraisal requests are assigned to the right appraiser the first time. The InHouseUSA Appraiser Scorecard shows an average of 80% performance rating across the panel and we measure appraiser performance based on turnaround times, quality metrics, system use, fee increases and file assignment analysis. Our products, appraiser support, and fair remuneration and payment terms makes us a desirable AMC panel for appraisers.

** InHouseUSA has an active recruiting department which is dedicated to onboarding Appraisers in areas where volume is increasing from a client. The InHouseUSA recruiting department has successfully increased the Oregon panel by 50% in 1 month of receiving business from clients based in the west coast.

Risk and Collateral Management

InHouseUSA Solutions provides a number of products to facilitate superior collateral and risk management.With a renewed focus on collateral management due to the changing regulatory environment and market conditions, InHouseUSA Solutions has developed tools for our lender and insurer clients to enable implementation of their valuation policy and process. These tools also deliver to lenders more efficient lending processes and decisions while effectively managing adherence to residential mortgage underwriting policy.

Lenders that focus on outsourced origination channels are increasingly turning to InHouseUSA Solutions to satisfy their evolving risk management policies. With a lender's approved appraiser list and specific requirements embedded in the InHouseUSA Solutions system, InHouseUSA Solutions' auto-assignment feature assures an impartial report every time. InHouseUSA Solutions offers customized reporting that includes turnaround times, coverage and pricing and appraisal review based on Lender specific requirements.



Opening of an Order: All orders are verified through public records for property data.

Selecting an Appraiser: All appraisers must be independently selected by internal staff based on InHouseUSA's internal selection process. See attachment Appraiser Selection for details.

Communication to the Client: Only the ordering party and its lender, or other authorized parties will be communicated to.

Payments: All COD orders must have a confirmed payment before processing. If payment has not been received, authorization from management is required before processing.

Review Status: To detect any reports which are not in compliance to USPAP and standard appraisal methodologies, the following process occurs: All appraisals go through a two-step review process.

Review Status: To detect any reports which are not in compliance to USPAP and standard appraisal methodologies, the following process occurs: All appraisals go through a two-step review process.

Step 1: An automated checklist review for quality control.

Step 2: A manual review from a licensed appraiser or underwriter.

  • Appraisers are automatically conditioned for any deficiencies before the report is delivered.
  • Each sent report will have a manually generated Appraisal Transparency Report (ATR) detailing compliance and adherence to AIR, HUD ML 09-28 and Dodd- Frank signed by the final reviewer.
  • All employees within the Review department must be current with all licensing requirements, including USPAP.

AMC License by State

State License # State License #
A Montana 3947
Alabama AL0092 N
Arizona Lic. 40109 Nebraska 2012073
Arkansas AMR-060 Neveda AMC.0000212
C New Hampshire AMC-62
California AMC 1301 New Mexico AMC 1042
Colorado AMC20131076 North Carolina NC-1042
Connecticut AMC.0000045 O
F Oklahoma 60037AMC
Florida MC155 Oregon AM-035
Georgia LIC. 36 Pennsylvania AMC000122
I 558.000015 S
Illinois 290 South Dakota AMC-1064-2014
Indiana AMC1100069 T 139
K Tennessee Lic. 27
Kansas KS066 Texas TX 2000141
Kentucky 101 U
L Utah 7705949-AMC0
Louisiana AMC.0000000022 V
M 338 Vermont 077.0072436-Main
Maryland 31500 W
Minnesota AS-20630906 Washington 300121
Mississippi AMC-080 Wyoming AMC-41