AMC Services

InHouseUSA - Solutions offers a complete appraisal management system that provides fast, reliable and cost effective valuation services to the lending industry. Automatically tracking the progress of valuation requests, InHouseUSA - Solutions provides real-time electronic status notification. All communication is time stamped and logged, providing a history of events from request to completion.

InHouseUSA - Solutions offers:

  • Full service coverage of all 50 states, with regional and local market expertise
  • Appraisal review to a lender-customized underwriting checklist by certified and licensed appraisers
  • Granular reporting, including turn-around-times down to the minute
  • Five-day turnaround time available in urban areas nationally
  • Appraisers assigned orders within one hour of origination and can accept by email or via the proprietary iOS and Android mobile apps
  • ACH payments and favorable payment terms for appraisers (<30 days)
  • Superior customer service
  • Dedicated support lines and emails for each client
  • Custom follow up, communication and updates based on lender requirements
  • Directly integrated with UCDP and EAD

Fast turnaround times and consistent quality, reasonable pricing and tracking metrics have been designed to safeguard your assets and compliance and risk management efforts are all part of the InHouse value proposition.

  • Innovation
  • Technology
  • Customer Service
  • Data Analytics and Reporting
  • Risk Management Tools
  • Appraisal Management and Customized Solutions

InHouseUSA - Solutions is an Industry leader that provides a comprehensive one-stop solution with the full suite of functionality lenders require for Residential and Commercial valuations.

Client Satisfaction

InHouseUSA client surveys indicate over 93% satisfaction in our customer service and delivery of appraisals. InHouseUSA is dedicated to delivering superior customer service while maintaining the industry's largest appraiser network. The customer service department includes trilingual, dedicated customer service agents who have been trained in both appraisal and lending practices. InHouseUSA dedicated Account Managers maintain a strong, professional business relationship with our clients. We believe that taking an active and collaborative approach with clients will ensure a strong long-term vendor-client partnership, which has led to the implementation and development of multiple services and programs.